Saturday, 9 September 2017

Western Isles

W.Isles: AMERICAN REDSTART still on Barra in trees behind Eoligarry Church this morning. View churchyard from behind wall on south side.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Wandsworth Common

Wandsworth Common: NIGHT HERON flew in to small island on lake at 07.45, still present to 08.30 at least roosting in False Acacia on eastern end of island viewable from boardwalk (Nick Rutter).This  bird was found on the sunday 27th and a very good bird for london.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Thursday, 3 August 2017


A running sanderling captured in mid stride. F...
 Sanderling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have only been back three days at the patch when i found a nice adult SANDERLING which is a patch tick.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sounds Natural

Roadrunner at Falcon SP
Roadrunner at Falcon SP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here's something that i listen to today about birds: Sounds Natural I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 6 July 2017


It's quiet on the bird front at the moment in london but you can not beat watching peregrines at any time of the year.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Here's a different view of the elegant twitch by local water colour artist and here is a link to her site. molebags

Pagham Harbour

Here's a couple of shots of the elegant tern i see on tuesday.

Elegant Tern